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Meet Your Instructor, Shannon Housley


Launch Your Career in the Medical Field Providing Life-Changing Restorative Tattooing

This 6-day, 100-hour Fundamentals of 3D Areola Tattooing certification allows you to offer an in-demand and powerful service to your clients and patients.


Paramedical tattooing is a very rewarding skill-set that can  exponentially grow your tattooing practice, while simultaneously helping women and men feel more self-confident after breast reconstruction.

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3D nipple tattoo
PRE-REQUISITES: Previous tattoo experience is NOT required. This course teaches tattoo fundamentals as well as how to create hyper-realistic areolas and nipple tattoos.

powder brow training model



Start Your Microblading Career and Take Control of Your Financial Future

Looking to become a PMU artist? This is the best place to start!  In no time at all, you can take the knowledge you gain in our all-inclusive, comprehensive microblading fundamentals course and be your OWN boss… gaining financial independence.

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Hyper-realistic Machine Strokes are the Next Biggest Thing in PMU!

This advanced training course teaches you how to create the most realistic hair strokes imaginable–using a low-trauma, high-color-retention machine technique.

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PRE-REQUISITES: At least 1-year of machine experience as well as a certification in any form of brow PMU (microblading, powder brows, etc.)  Proof of experience is required.

permanent eyeliner certification model

Microblading certificate and 3 months of microblading experience. Bloodborne Pathogens and First Aid certificates are required.


Learn FIVE of Today’s Most Popular Powder Brow Techniques

Your in-person learning consists of 2 days chocked full of both classroom lectures and hands-on work. We’ll cover essential topics and Shannon is there to answer all your questions along the way. We guarantee a small class size of four students or less, so you’ll get the most out of your time with us. You’ll have access to everything you need: lectures, hands-on training, and a live powder brow model. Shannon will be right next to you for guidance. At the end of class and following your completion of your live model, you’ll receive your Powder Brow Certification.

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Boost Your PMU Sales with Our 100% Pain-free Technique That’s a Client Fave!

Permanent Lash Enhancement Liner is one of our clients’ favorite services. It creates a subtle and beautiful eyeliner where pigment is deposited directly within the lash line. You’ll learn how to effectively numb the eyelid, avoid the areas of the eye which should not be tattooed, and to properly create an eyeliner tattoo your clients will love. At the end of the session and following completion of a live model, you’ll receive your Permanent Lash Enhancement Liner Certification.

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Lash Enhancement


Certification in at least one form of permanent makeup is strongly suggested. Bloodborne Pathogens and First Aid certificates are required.

Lip Blush certification model


Certification in at least one form of permanent makeup is strongly suggested. Bloodborne Pathogens and First Aid certificates are required.


Clients Love a Kiss of Color and Defined Lips

Permanent Lip Blush is a technique where pigment is implanted into the lip skin and the result is a soft, natural-looking tint or blush. Clients love that this service makes their lips look larger and more defined… and that they can wake up every morning with flawless looking lip color. You’ll learn how to create a symmetrical lip line, deposit even color, and effectively numb the lips.  Following completion of your live model, you’ll receive your Lip Blush Certification.

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You’re Covered!

Our Training Guarantee

We know there is a ton of information to learn in our training courses.
We don’t ever want you to feel overwhelmed if you’ve forgotten important details or can’t remember every piece of information from training.


That’s why we offer our “REFRESHER GUARANTEE.”


If for any reason during the first 24 months after you completed your course you need a little extra support, you may re-attend the same course free of charge*.


It’s easy. Simply schedule a seat in training during the first 24 months after your initial training and audit the entire class session at no cost.


You won’t find any other training academies offering this kind of support at no charge, but at Housley Institute, we truly want you to succeed!


*Refresher guarantee does not include meals, supplies, take-home kits, or working on live models.

Meet Your Educator

Shannon Housley

After spending more than a decade in the financial publishing industry as a copywriter and marketing strategist, I was burned out from Corporate America.


I felt I was missing out on my TRUE PURPOSE. I knew I wanted to do something to make people feel GOOD… feel confident… and to spread happiness to other women. That’s when I decided to take my first microblading course. I remember I was so nervous about making the leap to something so different from my existing career. But in my gut, I felt I was on the right path.


After I obtained my microblading certificate, I opened Housley Institute in 2019 as a way to help women and men who have suffered hair or pigment loss—either from age, surgery, accidents, chemotherapy, or disorders such as alopecia.


I then went on to obtain my 100-hour 3D Areola Tattooing and Scar Camouflage certification… as well as receive additional certification in powder brows, lip blush, permanent eyeliner, hyper-realistic nipples, shadow liner, Li-FT tattoo removal, and the nano brow technique. I then completed advanced training in scar camouflage for skin graft scars, burn scars, surgical scars, and self-harm scars.


We are in our 5th year of providing these amazing, life-changing services to our clients and patients.


I can’t wait to share my knowledge that I’ve learned through training and performing thousands of PMU sessions. I absolutely love permanent makeup coaching and training and can’t wait to meet you on the first day of class!