All of our facials incorporate Circadia professional skincare products


= Dry Skin
= Oily Skin
= Acne-Prone Skin
= Hyperpigmentation/Sun-Damaged
= Mature Skin/Aging

Facials & Skincare

Express Facial

Length: 30 minutes

Skin Types:      
Includes: cleansing, exfoliation, steam, warm towels, toner, hydration

Signature Facial

Length: 60 minutes
Skin Types:    
Includes: skin analysis, consultation, cleansing, exfoliation, facial extractions steam, warm towels, massage, treatment mask, toner, hydration

Dermaplane Facial

Length: 60 minutes

Skin Types:    
Dermaplaning is a gentle form of exfoliation, more gentle than a chemical peel or microder­mabrasion facial for sensitive clients. It removes dead skin cells as well as vellus hair (aka: peach fuzz) for the ultimate in smooth skin. It is also great for new clients who want to start with gentle anti-aging treatments.

Includes: skin analysis, cleansing, dermaplaning, mask, serum, toner, and hydration

Back Facial

Length: 60 minutes

Perfect for treating dry or acne-prone skin on your back.

Includes: cleansing, exfoliation, steam, warm towels, acne extractions, massage, treatment mask, hydration


Length: 60 minutes

Skin Types:      
It’s like a wet-vac for your pores!

This deep cleaning facial utilizes the powerful cyclonic action of our HydroFacial machine to deeply cleanse, extract, exfoliate and hydrate the skin. We offer targeted treatment of your skin concerns with our solution-specific serums: Vitamin C Boost, Peptide Boost, or Salicylic Boost. This is a great exfoliating facial for all skin types.

Targeted Treatment Systems

Visible results in as few as 1 treatment

Time Rewind System

Skin Type:

Reverse aging from the inside out!

This alternative to a chemical peel redefines mature skin. Our SWiCH system activates production of fibroblasts and collagen, restoring firmness and smoothness to skin. This anti-aging treatment includes face, neck, and décolleté. Results can be seen in just one session.

Maximum results achieved from a series of 3 treatments. Includes home post-treatment skin care. All the benefits of a chemical peel… without the downtime!

Oxygenating Rx System

Skin Type:  

The effervescence of pure oxygen boosts circulation, stimulates cell turnover, and leaves your complexion hydrated and revitalized. Oxidation lightens and brightens the skin, reduces appearance of rosacea and broken capillaries, and increases nutrient transport to the dermis.

Significant results can be seen in just one treatment. Treatment includes face, neck, and décolleté. Benefits can be maximized in a series of 3.

Vitamin A Collagen Boost

Skin Type:   (Suitable for all skin types)
This Retinol collagen booster treatment accelerates physical peeling from the inside out.  Skin will peel/flake for 3 to 5 days. Includes take-home Post Peel Balm.

15-minute treatment can be booked as a stand-alone or as an add-on to any facial. Perfect for hyperpigmentation, dark spots, or acne scars from cystic acne.

Single standalone treatment: $50
Add-On to any facial: $30

Standalone Package of 3: $135
Add-On Package of 3: $75

Beyond Botox

Skin Type:
Length: 60 minutes

Turn back the clock with potent anti-aging peptides, antioxidants, stem cells, and botanicals designed renew and revitalize your skin. Our peptide enzyme infuses skin with Vitamin C to brighten. Dermaplaning removes vellus hair and dead skin cells. Our Lactic peel hydrates and brightens. Our firming peptide mask tightens. You’ll leave with glowing, firm skin.

It’s like Botox… without the needles!

Customized Seasonal Facials

Speciality Facials

S’mores Indulgence Facial

Length: 60 minutes

Skin Types:  

Indulge your skin…and your senses… in this decadent chocolaty facial. Our cocoa enzyme is packed with natural antioxidants designed to gently remove dead skin cells and nourish the skin. Smoothness is taken one step further with dermaplaning. Then, our Marshmallow Whip Hydrating Mask infuses critical hydration, giving you smoother, brighter, and more radiant skin.

Pumpkin Spiced Mocha Facial

Length: 60 minutes

Skin Types:  

Delight both your skin and your senses! Our Cocoa Enzyme exfoliates dead skin cells that make your skin look dull and lifeless. Smoothness is taken one step further with dermaplaning—which removes vellus hair (aka: peach fuzz) and stubborn dead skin cells. Our Spiced Pumpkin Mask adds the finishing touch with essential hydration. You’ll leave with refreshed senses and revitalized, glowing skin!

Pumpkin Perfecting Peel Facial

Length: 75 minutes

Skin Types:  

This pumpkin-packed facial will take your skin to the next level. Pumpkin antioxidants rejuvenate aging skin with necessary nutrients and natural enzyme exfoliation. The Vitamin A Collagen Boost treatment promotes cell turnover designed to increase collagen and fibroblast production. Skin will peel/flake for 3 to 5 days after treatment. Includes take-home Post Peel Balm.

Oxygenating S’mores Facial

Length: 75 minutes

Skin Types:  

Our Cocoa Enzyme mask exfoliates the skin with its natural enzymes. Then, our Oxygen Rx Treatment boosts circulation and stimulates cell turnover. Bleaching by oxidation, lightens and brightens the skin and helps to improve the ruddy-look associated with acne, rosacea and broken capillaries. Your skin’s thirst is then quenched with our nourishing Marshmallow Whip Hydrating Mask.

Facial Add-Ons

Upgrade Your Facial



Skin Types:    
Dermaplaning is good for letting products such as peels, strong serums or skin remedies penetrate deeply into the skin, as results are improved after exfoliation.

LED Light Boost

LED lights are used for photosynthesis as it converts light to cellular energy that stimulates the body’s collagen and metabolism. It can reduce redness, decrease dark spots, and allow serums to penetrate deeper into the skin for amplified results.

High Frequency

Our high frequency machine produces a heat effect that stimulates circulation. High frequency can act as an antiseptic, stimulate circulation, help oxygenate the skin, increase cell metabolism, and heal any open lesion after extraction.

Face Waxing

Remove unwanted hair— per area. Full face wax add $30.

Chemical Peel


Skin Types:    
After your consultation, we will determine which chemical peel (alpha-beta, AHA Vitamin C, or TCA) will provide you with the results you desire.

HydroJelly Mask

HydroJelly Masks are made with alginate to hydrate skin. They are infused with Vitamin C and other minerals that help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

The mask firms up in 15 minutes and pushes all the nutrition into your skin…illuminating your skin with a subtle glow.

Plus… HydroJelly Masks feel ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. It’s a crazy sensation that you can’t describe until you experience it yourself!