Lash Extensions

No-Daily-Hassle Lashes

Attention to Detail
We take attention to detail to make sure you have a enjoyable, relaxing experience. We air dry your lashes upon opening to insure you experience no burning or irritation.


High Quality Products
We use only the highest quality lash products. Sugarlash Pro is one of the most trusted names in semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

Sugarlash’s bond adhesive offers the highest retention rates, low fumes, and incredibly fast set time over other adhesives — all without the carbon black ingredient! It is ideal for use on sensitive (or allergic) clients who experience reactions due to the carbon black ingredient found in most adhesives.



AVOID showers, steam, swimming, or getting face wet for a minimum of 24 hours. This allows the lash glue to fully cure and extend the bond of your lashes.

AVOID sleeping on your side or face. Sleeping on your back will allow your lashes to stay on longer.

DON’T rub your eyes. Be gentle with them so you don’t disrupt the lashes.

DON’T wear mascara on your lash extensions! There’s no need to do this and it can cause the lashes to fall out prematurely.

DO gently brush your lashes each morning with the spoolie wand. This will keep them from becoming tangled and will extend their life.

DO wash your lashes using a gentle oil-free, acid-free cleanser, beginning on Day 3 after your appointment.

DO schedule your next lash fill-in appointment when you leave so that you are able to come in for your 2-week fill.

If you go more than 3 weeks out from your previous lash appointment, you will be charged for a full set, and may be charged for removal of old lashes.

Classic Full Set: $140
Classic Fill In: $60
Classic Lash Pass: $110

Hybrid Full Set: $160
Hybrid Fill In: $70
Hybrid Lash Pass: $130

Volume Full Set: $180
Volume Fill In: $80
Volume Lash Pass: $150

Lash Passes include 1 fill in every two weeks.

Classic, Hybrid & Volume Lashes