Permanent eyeliner

Permanent Eyeliner


Permanent eyeliner is the ultimate way to save time and money every morning.  Picture yourself breezing out the door looking bright eyed and bushy tailed...without the hassle of applying eyeliner.

Lash enhancement is the most natural and conservative  permanent eyeliner technique as the color is deposited within the  lash line, not on top of the lashes.  If you’re looking  for your eyelashes to appear fuller, this is a great approach.

If you want a smokier or more lifted look, you can choose a "shadow liner" technique that will give you a more defined line.

Many women  imagine that permanent eyeliner must be painful since technically it's a tattoo on your eyelid. However, that assumption couldn't be further from the truth. Because thanks to the power of specially formulated numbing agents, most describe it as just a feeling of "vibration" or  "butterfly kisses." There's no pain involved!  And your eyes remained relaxed and closed the entire time.

Plus, in just a 90 minute appointment, you can walk out with perfect, natural-looking eyeliner that you'll never spend another minute putting on in the morning. 

You'll LOVE permanent lash enhancement because you'll experience:

  • NO PAIN!
  • Little to no swelling or redness
  • Simple aftercare instructions 
  • Full healing in around 7 days
  • And natural-looking lash enhancement that lasts 3 to 5 years on average!


 Appointment length: 2  hours

Healing time: 7 days

Numbing Used? Yes, a pre-numb agent and a secondary anesthetic

Actual tattooing time: 60 minutes

Lasts for: 3 to 5 years

Colorboosts recommended: as needed

Follow up included in appointment? Yes 

Eyeliner Pre-Appointment & Aftercare

Eyeliner Prep and Aftercare Form (pdf)