Shannon Housley, Founder & Principal Artist

Shannon Housley is the founder of Housley Institute for Restorative Ink. She is a certified and licensed paramedical and permanent cosmetic tattoo artist.  She created Housley Institute for Restorative Ink as a way to  help women and men who have suffered hair or pigment loss—either from age, surgery, accidents, chemotherapy, or disorders such as alopecia—feel restored and more confident.    

Her artistic background has provided her with an exceptional  understanding of color theory, design, attention to detail, and balance — all of which  greatly compliment her skills as a permanent makeup artist. She truly loves what she does and feels very fortunate to be part of the healing path to restoration that so many amazing women and men take to feel more confident and empowered.   

Whether it's due to age, medical issues, or just wanting to simplify your morning routine, see how Shannon Housley can help you achieve "the best you" possible!

CERTIFICATIONS  · Bloodborne Pathogens Certified · HIPPA Certified · Licensed through State of Ohio · NPI Registered for Insurance · 100 hours Certification 3D Areola and Scar Camouflage from the world renowned Sauler Institute of Tattooing · Microblading Certification · Lip Blush Certification-- Shay Danielle Academy · Li-FT Saline Removal Certification

*Permanent Lash Line Enhancement Certificate


Nicole Reiley, Artist

 Nicole Reiley became a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in 2008; working in multiple fields including dermatology and med-surg. During her time as a nurse in dermatology, she heard many of her patients talk about losing their brow hair as they aged and how much time they spent drawing in their brows on a daily basis. That’s when Nicole decided to pursue a specialty in permanent makeup. 

Nicole trained initially to do microblading and powder brows, in order to provide options for the best outcome depending on the patient’s skin type and lifestyle. However, brows were just the start of her permanent makeup journey; Nicole now offers threading to shape the brow, brow tinting, lash lifts, permanent lip color, and tattoo removal. She believes there is no greater feeling than seeing patients happy and satisfied.

When Nicole is not dedicating her time to making her patients feel more confident, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 children—ages 17, 15, and 12. She also likes to bake cakes and create crafts in her spare time. She truly loves to bring beauty to everything that she does.

CERTIFICATIONS  · Bloodborne Pathogens Certified · LPN · Licensed through State of Ohio ·  Microblading Certification · Lip Blush Certification-- Shay Danielle Academy · 

Li-FT Saline Removal Certification


Ashely Hicks

  Ashley Hicks has worked as a licensed cosmetologist since 2005. She is a huge believer in cosmetics and how they can enhance someone's natural beauty and help people feel better about themselves. That’s why she decided to pursue permanent makeup in 2018 as another way to make her clients more attractive and empowered.  

Since then, she has learned microblading and powder brows. Her dedication to her art is apparent; when she’s not working on clients, she religiously practices microblading on practice skin. True to the old saying “practice makes perfect,” Ashley’s ability to produce realistic-looking hair strokes is impressive!


In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her 12-year old son and working out at the gym. Spending time outside—whether it be laying at the pool or beach, going boating, and traveling to concerts (she is a huge Korn fan). Ashley considers herself a very open-minded person and loves that she gets to personally connect with each and every one of her clients. 

CERTIFICATIONS  · Bloodborne Pathogens Certified ·  Licensed through State of Ohio · Licensed Cosmotologist  · Microblading Certification ·